Journey Backward

When life becomes tough
They say the tough get going
But in my case
When the going gets tough
I hastily journey backwards
Calling on all my mental defenses
To the fore, to speed me
Through this hiatus
Backwards in time

In my quest for one of the many
Soothing oasis in the sands of time
Once there, I quickly embark on
Rediscovering, reliving happy memories-
Moment to moment, savoring n polishing
This piece of time like a precious jewel,
Well hidden, yet a frequently visited treasure
This proven panacea, a cure all
A balm, a soothing salve

Assuaging the terrible hurt of the present
An aid to diminishing it, removing it
Giving birth to
A Joyful dawn
For life is dynamic, not static
This hurt too shall be buried
In the sands of time-
Never visited, best forgotten and
Worth being amnesic about!

“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.”
-Oscar Wilde


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