Journaling 2.2.18

even as the stars dribble across the sky getting ready to fade away my sleep refreshed eyes and bouncy feet kiss the Turkish carpet bought in Istanbul aka Constantinople of the olden times after much joyous haggling…
the word Constantinople takes me back to our early years in school where we had to form kangaroo words out of this and other big words… it was a lot of fun actually as I so loved mouthing big words … a flavor and taste inculcated in me by dad as he put me through my paces with mental math and five to ten new words from his precious Oxford dictionary
ok here goes nothing…
today I began my Friday with a coffee instead of chai for one and instead of listening to my usual chants I put on prerecorded salutation to Lord Vishnu with his enunciated thousand names in chaste Sanskrit ..My beloved Lord Krishna is a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu who is one of Holy Hindu Trinity : Vishnu : Creator, Brahma: Preserver and Shiva : Destroyer
Like I shared yesterday that I’ve begun reading a delightful book : I Am The Messenger by Markus Zuzak who also wrote The Book Thief …which movie and book I saw and read a couple of times ..

The very beginning of above book had me in stitches as it is incredibly funny and I was screaming with laughter with happy tears streaming down my eyes so much so that even Ganesh who has a bit of hearing issue raised his head looking askance !
also I am planning to try everything different and unusual today
with regard to all three meals and finish my book pronto
… hasta luego
sayonara devoir, ciao ..

.. my favorite painting by Chitra Ganesh


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