journaling 2.1.18 Retro Thursday

Dear Pushpa didi:

as I scan old photos umpteen times reliving whole gamut of emotions …I realize our relationship was stormy at best and at an awkwardly held truce when at rest … sibling love can still be very strong as I recall your amazing strength in all situations and maybe that is where I honed my survivor skills … god knows you gave me enough practice as I eluded your wrath in growing years even though you took care of my needs 100%
you’ve been gone over a decade and whenever I visit your home …it’s walls bereft of your vibrant ringing voice mourn just like the unfurling fingers of sadness that catch my throat … I sorely miss you and it is getting harder and harder to visit your loved ones left behind … I shall cherish your memory as long as my mind stays sharp and clear …this much I can promise you didi dear.
on a lighter note Neena and myself use to heartily laugh at this dialogue: “‘Pushpa I hate tears’ by Rajesh Khanna from Amar Prem…especially given the fact that you were the one who made us cry being the dominating big sister when we were little and especially me ! yet I truly loved you and miss you so !


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