Jog Trot

painful uphill schlep
spirit quite upbeat
… visuals as always
a wonderful treat

my beaming granny gut
quizzed a young man’s
wondering when monsieur
stork was making its drop!

a pint sized spider man
darting weaving on scooty
pursued by belligerent
teens on roller blades
bearing hockey sticks

tattoo parlor looked forlorn
no aspiring wannabees
getting needled imprinted
upon for almost posterity

rain spritzing
like stop and go traffic
signs- red yellow green joined
by bright newsy boxes in melee

visually treated self to fare
touted by nouveau stores
did not come up to snuff as far
as my snooty wrinkled nose goes

espied a pair of Barbary doves
shamelessly koochee cooing
making me rue the fact I forgot
my usual camera carrying

finally up and stoop
and home again luxuriating
in my own sofa ~watching
inane serials numbing my skull


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