like a jiggle of boxed
lottery numbers
I pull out one
emotion at a time
for reflection…
after a once over
It’s either “yea or nay”
thus pulling, accepting
rejecting…I adjust my
daily mood’s change…
Russian roulette
times call for new
survival techniques
always a rebel…never one
for line toeing, I go for broke…
nails bitten to bone
now ache in dullness
as lusterless eyes scan
skies for better than tepid
bright yolk sun gone missing..
moon is clueless lurking
only when light burns out
stars being small potatoes
don’t count… perhaps I’d better
lend my dumbbells to dullard sun…
Hope bides time around
kitty corners …always necking
with aplomb..patience being it’s middle
name as it’s aware time’s anaconda
shall ultimately swallow everyone


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