Jack of all – nothing

Surprise! Henri Rousseau

Wayward mind Is just a dart board

Have to often literally pull self away                         From its myriad, expensive penchants

Zest for living tends to give snooty short Shrifts to my criminally advancing years

Meeting challenges “head butt” locked                         Horns has been it’s never say die credo

Spirit forbids bowing as flopped soufflés, being More an impudent cherry seated atop puddings

Wind flirting flags flapping in yon peaks, eagles in aeries                       Everything that reaches for the sky, draws vagabond spirit

Inner flame is a tiger, prowling in a ribbed cage against will Burning in intense longing to unlock bars, zoom in sky, freely

I am that Virgo pigeon, loyal to the nth degree. wishing                       To return home from whence I was sent here originally

Now, I’ve met my challenge of writing about “nothing” Dust mote was I and like a returning native, dust I shall be

After    All                          Wayward mind Is a mere dart board ~

paintings are by Henri Rousseau


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