Island Intrigue(d)


Discombobulated   Bearings gone missing, daydreamers’ Lot – with zero road  and self-guiding senses

Childish heart always got baited in these  Lush islands by glitzy kitsch spread in cahoots  With deep aquamarine seas’ spewed largesse

Frustrated by amiable mate’s hurrying ways, nay says  To cool squelches of tired feet in sandy beaches other than   His hush moments of involuntary drool at the sight of hats

And then….a flash of skin,   Fins ….visible undulation from right eyes’  Left corners, adroitly hooked by both of us

Shaving off time we stood entranced by a small grotto pond  Sloughing off fatigue, dipping in serenity’s font while attempting  To steal a schmear of iridescence off the koi in eternal dance~



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