Invisible Daydream Duo

Invisible Daydream Duo


If I were Invisible

I would time travel backwards
Joining birds flying homewards
Undo all my childish thoughtlessness
Spend time with mom n dad in fondness
Study with zealous application and drive
Restore twinkle in disenchanted dejected eyes

Fulfill gilded dreams woven for me by them
Stretch self spun woof and warp, not condemn
Drink up all the tonics and boosters fed to plants
Gain strong bones, robust health with these decants
Let them bask in success n happiness they’d wanted
Cherish, love, respect without taking them for granted

If I were invisible

I’d rewrite my life’s book from prologue
Cover to cover blot out even the epilogue
Second chances, redeeming second chances
I would reverse the hourglass of my life at once
Extract the pressed rosebud from notebook, hidden
Pay heed to the love stricken Romeo badly smitten

Rejuvenate, nurture let bloom the flush of first love
Relive tender suppressed pangs of love shaky diffident
Let love’s sapling get sturdier with joy of shared wonderment
With mutual approval stamp from elders let it progress buoyant
Putting paid thus to memories tucked away in mind’s hinterland
What ifs, whys, wherefores, troubling thoughts to finally disband

Oh! If I were Invisible!


***   ***  ***


When the Mouse Roared


Invisibility gave the mouse

New found courage and agility

It dared to step into enemy’s lair

And tie a bell to cat’s neck unscared

It entered next the king of jungle lion’s den

Gave a mighty pull to its golden mane and ran

Next tickled the massive elephant by running down

And up its mangy tail, flappy ears, trunk and crown

It troubled the lordly finicky dog, master’s pet

Ate its gourmet food for own appetite to whet

Slunk into the mean neighbors’ house, next door

Danced jig, hopscotch on their nodding heads, to score

Chased the unwary squirrels fast up the trees quite openly

Dug into their hoard of stored nuts without fear of jeopardy

Then sat at master’s table on the high chair with a bib

With knife n fork dug into served dinner’s juicy prime rib

Oh the things invisible mouse had dared to do and more

Now known as Robin Hood with mention in rodent folklore

 **   **   **

If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.

– Thomas Szasz

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