In Conversation with the Crow

In Conversation with the Crow

Floating on a wing and a prayer
traversed leap of faith, crossed
Next dimension

Netherland of shadow people
Dwellers of crossing over
Halted ones

Hanging in state of disbelief
Neither here nor there
All kingdoms denied

Queried Mr. Crow, who held court
Harbinger of times (un)kosher
Tidings ill bearer

Why spurned my welcoming platter
Of choice flesh to you that mattered
Hurt heart, decried

Crow replied:

Have respect when life lingers
Wick of life on last legs flickers
Hover, bide time, until

Hourglass lets go final grain of life
time enough to get my fife
For boating souls to other side

I am but a messenger, carrier
Aiding souls readied for crossover
soul less carrion, my charge (r )

ashes to ashes dust to dust
life existing disintegrates thus
souls I carefully navigate

Other realms dimensions to populate
firefly souls crossing over
final glow sparklers

submerging into the golden orb
losing identity in The One entity
no more incandescent

Calmed mulling over what was said
Hastily homewards bound I sped
Opened eyes in my bed

(pic. from wiki.)


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