Icons II


Etched     sketched     statuesque Serenely   You appear     in “touch- me-not” views

These meetings  Simply don’t cut it   Any more    Come visit   In daytime    Nighttime 

Eyes    Wide shut      Open    Enter  Heart   footprint  

Your sight   permeates light,  become my floodlight   Allow me   To woo you  As moth to flame 

Let’s be both  Flame And moth  Fusion ~  My heart  Shatters at this   Infernal separation 

What more reparations  Do you want from me?   Come guide, I’ll abide~

this two foot chasm  of separation is sole cause of my crushing Heartbreak,  melancholia 

Take me into your arms  Allow me to lose myself,  purify ~ 

Come    Get   Me    longingly   I beseech you  ~



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