I want to die laughing…

In case my original
Thirty-two take the powder
Insert flossed whitened
Dentures inside my jaws

Shave my topper clean
Lather with Shea butter
Till its baby’s butt soft
Covering with powdered wig

Outline twin eyes open shut
Shut open with generous kohl
Redden lips, lightly feather blush
Matching rouge on both my cheeks

Mark in indelible red ink
A dot in the middle of my forehead
Marking the portal lighting my way
From laughter to heavenly psalms

Truss my ample body
In favorite red party dress
Matching jewelry and Dorothy’s red
Land of Oz shoes on both my achy feet

Lay me down gently
In a coffin filled with roses
Holy basil beads in joined palms
Silk scarf covering wig demurely

If perchance I end up
Looking tad grotesque,
Hastily pull down coffin cover
And heave me over side of Titanic

I want to die laughing
Laughing …


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