I visited my younger self today


I paid an overdue visit to my old self today
today I visited my old self
usually in skirts, sometimes
grubby, torn from playground
twins warred inside
then –
one rebel tomboy, other bookworm

twins war inside
today as well
a docile loving granny
and a wicked comedienne

she said:
we had so many dreams
built upon castles in air
heroes leaping out of
Victorian romances
eluding cruelty’s claws
life real was more surreal
than our dreams
native intelligence
and awakening of Kundalini
took matters in hand
and now look at us
you are what
is the end result
I no longer sigh
on what could’ve been
what we’ve achieved
is more important
and we’ve been luckier
than so many
I said
go in peace
and serenity
as I too wait
for eternal


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