Pray, prey

First lifts
other reduces
Has me cower
Shielding face body~
Son, sun
Son- fruit of loins to further clan
Hope’s kindle~
Sun – world’s kindle, vanquishing
Darkness with splash of light~
There, their

Have been there
Wherever you are
Physically, emotionally ~

Some folks make
Much ado about
Their nothings~
Lose, loose

Whatever makes
Me lose, diminish
In fact enhances~

Not given to loose talk I like laughing
Irreverently at times, so tighten your loose belt
Get ready for the ride of your life~ whoa!
Won, one

I thought I’d won in scrabble,
But his last move deflated
My pomposity~

Ever striving to be
One with my inner, outer
Spirit undulates in highs, lows~
Desert, Dessert

Emotions desert
When needed the most
Shock leaves me deaf, mute ~

Horrific sweet tooth makes mouth drool
Even by mere thought of dessert and
Anticipatory hands rub each other gleefully ~


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