home craft


began with a tile free face
planted hair one by one
gently albeit carelessly
on forehead placed tiles just
so that middle was earmarked
for third eye’s opening possibility
aquiline nose faithfully planted
following genetic code with discerning
honed sensibilities
for twin brows, lashes, eyes
inserted tiles to afford limpid clarity
thoughtful depth, outlining skillfully
cheeks- high boned generously
indicating laughter lines strewn
artlessly, deftly following reality
chin was roundly crafted
to give strength, tempered
without ramrod stiffness
lips crafted in usual winning smile
full without luscious poutiness, humor
keeping them often aquiver, cracking
two perfect tiny ears with gold
studs, cute dangling ear-rings
attuned to heed beloved’s call
neck neither stiff nor limp
flexible easily rotational
avoiding blind sided assaults
life being what it is- rude awakenings
will and do happen, will continue striding
without missing heartbeat, taking it on chin
that is all
mosaic is now
fait accompli
subject to
over glossed
errors omissions

image is from internet


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