Holiday Spirit

Air crackles in excitement
Hustle and bustle abounds
Several voices, multi tongues
All building up to a crescendo

Busy shoppers throng the streets
Frantically crisscross the pavements
Looking for the ultimate bargains
Attracted by all the glitzy windows

Chubby Santas chime the bells
Sprinkling the holiday cheer
With their melodious tinkles
Collecting for various charities

Snowflakes dance and prance
Merrily in the air hither n thither
Adding to the general melee
Whilst painting rouge on all faces

Fresh snow frosts everyone
Like icing on individual cakes
Sheathing everything in white
And purifying all it touches

A heady feeling of joy is very potent
Everyone seems to be on the crest
Of a natural refreshing high and
Goodwill and bonhomie abound

The crisp n brisk air crackles sending
Currents of electricity and briefly
The holiday spirit joins all opposing
Elements creating a blissful peace

“A holiday gives one a chance to look backward and forward, to reset oneself by an inner compass.”- May Sarton, At Seventy (A Journal)


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