Spaghetti mind’s Stone keeps on rattling Teasing moss and “moi”

Collages of past present and Future flash as movie trailers Unhinging further

I stand at edge fascinated At one with koi in pond attempting To steal a schmear of iridescence

Sometimes psychedelic experiences Occur involuntarily, life providing out of body hallucination

Getting a handle on myself Is a tad hard these days, I flounder, In mind penitently self flagellate

Welts and wallops will heal But a lost found spaghetti mind Is a slip sliding hodgepodge

These days I am lonely in crowds Crowds seem like lonely planets hastily I enter inner domain

Nothing is real actually, body and mind are perishable, will cease To exist except inner flame’s glow

Gathering self to self, I slow roast A khidgeree* of body and mind peace offering to inner shrine

Hoping to be no longer lonely Firmly befriend inner “essence” for better grip on life “unreal”~

*Kedgeree (“Khidgeree”) originated in India with an Indian rice-and-bean or rice-and-lentil dish Khichri (or Pongal) can betraced back to 1340 or earlier- image is internet sourced*



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