Walls become dear
Often reverberated
by laughter, abiding love

Vertical with hope trees
mesmerize as dancing leaves flirt
with dappling light, playful wind

living besides rail
tracks most of life
they’ve become kin

Bitten by travel bug
Have ridden trains
Uphill, downhill

Today daddy came
Visiting predawn
In dream

People you love
Gone in flesh take
tenancy in head

Maternal ties become
Etched in concrete
Over, above, regardless

Bitter mouth makes
food taste like
Saw dust

Today I feel like
That girl in movie
Run, Lola, run

Having used up over nine
lives fate lines in both
palms hang loose

Footloose, fancy free maybe
I remain a prisoner inside
This crumbling edifice

Smitten moth dances
Terrible dance of death
That continues to spurn me

Feeling foolishly invincible
boldly take Chances crossing
off bucket list

Life is life, a fat
Juicy apple, to be
devoured to core
painting is by Henri Rousseau


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