Historic Mishap

Historic Mishap

All the bloodshed n woes
Have made me comatose
Turning wheels of the tumbrel
Sounds of inexorable death knell

Merciless gathering voyeurs sangfroid
Bloodthirsty roared aristocracy destroyed
Madam guillotine decapitated royal heads
Decadent lifestyle turned to rubble shreds

Angel of Death jigged the dance macabre
Lucky few escaped rouge lips abracadabra
Perched atop cathedral of Notre Dame
Angel of Mercy did hang head in shame

Dark forces overcame soft shades pastille
Red was Seine with the storming of Bastille
French Revolution overthrew the monarchy
That day I saw slaughter mayhem anarchy

My gentle heart turned to a stony zombie
Mercy had lost to seething masses angry  
Frozen in time sad I lurk on my church perch
A gargoyle on a healing hands eternal search 


(picture from internet-Gargoyle atop Notre Dame Church, Paris, France)


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