Hinged, Impinged

Faces poke holes
In white sheets of time
Clamor hearings ~

Empty wall framed
Figures, form
Shuffling lines~

In years three score plus
Many have impinged
Heart, psyche, mind~

Acts of omission, commission
Tender, hurtful, scars of spoken
Written, wound rewound~

Edges from keening pains
Time eroded, have toned
Somewhat, not died down~

Slaying impinging fleshless
Tossing between hypnagogic
Hypnopompic states, saps spirit~

Taking up tools of trade, stoically
Smudge and chant, releasing the
In between suspended, gently ~

** In parapsychology, hypnagogia is the study of the transitional states
to and from sleep: the hypnagogic and the hypnopompic states of consciousness.

The term “hypnagogic” is used to name the state
of consciousness during the onset of sleep and
Hynopompic denotes onset of wakefulness

Mental phenomena that occur during this “threshold consciousness” phase include
lucid dreaming, hallucinations, out of body experiences and sleep paralysis.


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