Can tout stout
Upbeat wisdom pearls

True tests happen, not of own making
Putting money where mouth is, turned
Out to be different from what’s drummed up

Tussle between new and old me
Warred like a raging fever, searing
Insides with gall and bile

Old me enjoyed this novel wallow opportunity
Life dished hemlock made to swallow, serenity
Arms akimbo, looked at reacting me, pityingly

Having chosen for self perpetual sunshine
Yesterday’s body blow test came in handy
Weathered storm bit bloodied not breaking

Paroxysms of grief and despair
Had their say before die down
Serenity ultimately had its say

Rome not won in a day, have
Much work to do for strengthening mind’s
Frame askew, wounded woebegone chin

* Life is not all roses, was bloodied by thorn of unfairness yesterday
–weathered it after few shed tears and have since regained serenity –
also realized I have yet a long way to trudge to master myself fully
and remain impassive and unmoved, no matter what !
Firmly  believe whatever is mine will come,

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