Property went equally to four heirs
Except for one heirloom all craved
A beautiful piece of family history
Square settee, gold inlaid with story

Folklore was, this had passed hands
Generation to generation, from eons
One brother settled in Zanzibar
Relinquished share for gold bar

Other two from big city let go shares
opting for ostentatious tokens, expensive
Youngest was sister from London
Heirloom her only cherished mission

Happy to solely inherit, shipped it with care
after hasty goodbyes booked return by air
Settee was reverently placed in London den
Hours were spent reliving childhood till age ten

Mother lovingly feeding four mouths, goodies
Seated on this very settee filling hungry bellies
Fairytales, proverbs had accompanied her food
Pure common sense was instilled, imbued

Snapping out of reverie, she got it repaired
Carpenter friend gave new shine, fresh bloom
Lastly, varnish was applied under eagle eyes
Lo and behold!  A secret drawer was espied

With bated breath it was pried open to access content
a dairy, silver canister, antique necklace were found
Dairy shared granny’s peccadilloes, documented family lineage
Necklace had adorned rebel great grandmother of regal visage

She put necklace around her neck but clasp was broken
She surmised maybe it was squirreled away from spoilt scion
On cloud nine she photographed her precious finds
quickly sending data to expert historians

Impatiently awaited news, curiosity skyrocketing
Smelled thrilling verdict given own bloodline
Bingo!  On fateful Monday morning over a muffin, coffee
realized they were royal descendants from old country

Their genes, pure bloodline and document, a national treasure
she was loathe parting with it but it authenticated her measure
She informed siblings about her exciting discovery
they were happy but blasé not fully appreciating it.


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