Heart Listened


Tone deaf –heart listens

Pre-dawn rustles  Streets’ gradual
Hustle bustle
Snowflakes’ steady   Blanketing falls~

Preening branches   Sporting summer green
Fiery defiant
Autumn leaves   Lanes, parks carpeted~ 

On way to school  Beckoning calls
Elongated morning azans
Robust bell pulls   chiding devout~ 

Monotonous harmonium  beats   dovetailing prayers
Sounds of synchronized
Swish from dusters, wet   Sponges cleaning cars~ 

Chin on window sill  Listening to that divine
Symphony created by
Teasing wind twanging  Overhead cables~ 

Steady pitter patter   Of sheeting rain
Drowning sidewalks
Tea kettle whistle  Grownup mutterings 

In sheer abandon  Sight and sounds
Of water falls
Babbling brooks  Echoing caves, singing  rocks 

Wooing majestic peaks  Plunging valleys
Craggy canyons
Nature carved   Deep crevasses

Tone deaf – heart listened ~


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