Turkey Trip Oct6-22nd 2010 583a

Aroma and flavor
Are like a conjuror’s
Twin failsafe tricks
Lickety-split, triggering
mouthwatering memories

sight of pleasantly reeking
pickled jars enjoying sauna
baths basking and marinating
in bared teeth midday sun
send senses reeling

errant whiffs of forgotten tobacco
aroma emanating from gurgling ornate
sheesha hookahs, moth balls, neem
leaves, camphor and musk, captive
fragrances in vintage cut glass bottles

take me to many zigzag alleys
forwards, backwards, forward
real live people intermingling
with ghosts of dear departed
who may’ve left but never parted

yes, I am giddy that way
honed senses and skin’s pores
experience gooseflesh in eye’s
blink making me park and dwell
in parallel realities

heady weird, abnormally
normal, normally abnormal
misunderstood, understood
sorted, botched, off kilter
askew, yup, that’s me…


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