Haunting Eyes

Haunting Eyes
I was your world
you were mine
Your eyes simply
Lit up alighting
On my form
Wish I’d bottled
Their loving gleam
As they steadily
streamed on your clueless
Last foal, that was me
That last look
Still haunts my
nights and days
Embedded in my
Soul in an indelible
How does one
Word paint a whole
Wealth of love, sorrow
Tenderness culminating
In one final look
You saw you
In unworldly me
With no life skills
To survive a dog eat
dog world, worrying
Trying to squeeze
In nutshell your life
Learnt wisdom you’d
Cautioned heartbroken
Me urgently
Words filtered through
as they were coming
From precious you, import
of which I realized too late
After numerous mauls
As the brightness
In your gentle graceful
eyes had finally dimmed
on that fateful last day
You left, you stayed
Every single day
I remember you
When I see the mirror
Conjuring all knowing
Gentleness of you
Do know I remain
Unbeaten by life’s
many strifes, true
To your memory
Serenely you
She left on August 18, 1972, seems like yesterday


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