Haiku – 3 line poems

1. As I walked up the hill
the road stood up arms stretched
ready to embrace me

2  dark foggy night
cold breath dissipating
two steamed bodies merged

3.  her shimmering ponytail glowed in the sun
her happy laughter floated high as she swung
untying her hair, now cascading like a golden waterfall

4.  she sat on the bed posing
he sketched her rapidly without blinking
now she came to life in paper and ink

5.  an old comfortable homestead
a doorway framing grandma on armchair
skillfully working on a quilt with deft hands

6.  the noisy driver honked and weaved in traffic
other motorists got annoyed and peeved
soon the noisy car became silent forever

7.  tear stricken he raised his face
she held him close and kissed and embraced
he is happy with new cartoon band aid
8.  his face was tired and his eyes sleepy
the percolating aroma of hot coffee
tickled and he is sleepy no more

9.  with puffed cheeks she blew hard
filling up the birthday balloons
and the children clapped in glee
10. the birthday cake was candle lit
the two year old blew hard with mom
the candles were out and icing covered their faces

11.  he was very sick, old and feeble
and his days were numbered
As he signed the will, the ink ran out with his life
12.  there was a snow storm outside
winds were howling and wreaking havoc
they sipped wine sharing blanket near warm fireplace
13.  the man was well groomed with chiseled face
the little one had tousled hair and impish smile
he was a chip of the old block
14. All alone at home
Slaying my demons
My closet skeletons came out!!

15.  The more he forced
The greater I repulsed
And this tug of war continues

16.  Spring summer winter autumn
Newborn toddler young old
Seasons reasons fold unfold cyclically

17. He walked in the ploughed field
His pockets bulging with planting seeds
Now he hopes for bumper crop in riotous green
18.  Her tears flowed silently
He rejoiced and saluted smartly
Lifting high the medal of honor for gallantry

19.  The cage was open
The birdie flew out
The cat is happy and the dog has a pout

20.  The cleaner removed the paper weight
The sheaf of papers escaped from the window
Now various notions are in motion on the street

21.  Rising like phoenix
From the ruins of despair
He flew away to friendlier climes

22. Friends and foes whistled in wonder
She had accomplished the unthinkable
A record was made for talking non stop as she went on and on


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