Growing up

You can be tender in age
And yet be grown up!
It is not the chronology nor
The physiology that matters
You can be grown up
When life throws a curved ball
Thrusting responsibility regardless
Of your being still wet behind the ears
And can count your age on your fingers

You can be grown up
Due to nature and nurturing
Nature can give a good head
And nurturing can embellish
Upon this great raw-stock
When you master your impulses
Think things through logically
And act it out as a natural end
To the initial impulse

You can be grown up
When you can pull together
Without falling into pieces
When abandoned due to fate
Or by choice whoever is the villain
When you learn to let go
When you learn to share
When you learn to cope
No matter what the circumstance

So growing up happens naturally
Unbound by the years
Unbound by the seasons
Unbound by quirks of fate
It is free and untrammeled!

“If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses.” -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


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