Green Beans

Green meant freedom. Green meant owning myself. No more nine to five drudgery. Living life large calling the shots!! I’d be the whole enchilada not a mere cog. That was my repeat one and only dream 24/7. Carrying green wads in pocket, drinking margaritas in tall green stemware with briny rims topped with cute umbrellas.lottery ticket. I put back everything inside the tiny purse and put the purse in my coat pocket and lifted the pretty lady. In the car I splashed some water on her face and opened the car door outside her house. I’d found out her address from her wallet. Incoherently she thanked me and slunk home. I drove off.a mega millions

Last Sunday whilst watching baseball the TV ad had grabbed me. “Mega Millions jackpot is now 135 million dollars!! MY mouth salivated and I scrambled to buy yet another ticket!! One hundred thirty five million could see me through many years and wild dreams. I wanted to win badly.

Everyone had left. I too forced myself to weave my way home. Ten lottery tickets burnt a hole in my pocket heated by raging frustrated fires. Suddenly my boozy weaving feet hit a can and I toppled over a warm body!! My bleary eyes saw me
astride a sexy siren with red hair and huge emerald chip eyes. She was drunk as a skunk. Her tiny purse had regurgitated on the street a lipstick, gold pocket comb, car keys, green filled wallet and

Next morning with morning coffee I compared the lottery results. Bust. I emptied my pockets and remembered the lady’s purse. Just to ensure I did not dream her, I put my hand in my coat pocket. No purse but I found another lottery ticket. I brought that to the table and checked the numbers!! My heart stopped- this ticket had hit the jackpot!
I was swimming in someone else’s green beans!


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