Granny's Wishes

Hey little girl, hey pretty little girl
Granny would love to give you a whirl
You are my most beautiful priceless pearl
Apple of my eye as heart goes into a loopy whirl


Hey girl, hey pretty little girl with the tiniest wrist
You hold my thumping heart in your delicate pink fist
We are all your captives, your slaves from day one
You hold the key of our kingdom, all our hearts won

Hey girl, hey pretty little girl with the darkest hair
You filled us with wonder as you emerged from your lair
Hey baby girl, swaddled in white and bundled in a cocoon
Finally beholding your gorgeous face we are over the moon


Hey little girl, my little princess and prima Donna
You are our blessing from the heavens, our manna
may the sun warm, rain fall soft, helping hand be near
May you know only happiness and never know fear


May the joys and hearts that surround you be pure and true
May faith hope, charity  fill your heart and sky above be blue
May blessings of loved ones help you overcome all life’s hurdles
May God above keep you safe in the palm of his hands, my angel



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