Grandpa’s Walrus Moustache

Grandpa was hopping mad
Someone had done him bad
Overnight forest was denuded
Invader, virginal lip marauded

As he jumped up and down in rage
Toddler Monty joined in jump race
This made grandpa crackup in guffaw
Dislodging rage bone stuck in craw

Settling down in his favorite rocker
Held conference to solve this shocker
Placed box on table for confession slip
For ownership of perfidious sacrilege quick

Hookah pipe felt itself in alien territory
Saddened at missing moustache now history
Puffing in quick succession inhales felt odd
A bald upper lip made grandpa quite appalled

After long sleepless fasting mournful night
Grandpa opened box to find a slip to shed light
In his slumber family had caused its full pruning
Doctor had said moustache was his health ruining

Daily an hour long fond care was expended
To maintain health of moustache extended
It was soon to be an entrant in record books
Now cruelly shaved upper lip agitatedly shook

Hygiene demanded that walrus moustache be gone
Being veritable magnet, hotbed of bacteria borne
Love had forced this drastic extreme step
Villainously robbing grandpa’s pride to health pep

Saga happy sad sweet sour it is of grandpa’s moustache
A ferocious walrus bush mush to which he was attached
From it in cloak n dagger fashion was he by family detached
A friendly barber as hangman wielded his razor with panache


 ****   ****   **** 

was fondly remembering my grandpa and the tickling huge moustache


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