Golden Sunflowers

Golden Sunflowers

Like helpless babies
We look to you for sustenance
You are the caregiver


Like budding toddlers we seek
Your firm hand to steady selves
You are the nurturer


Rooted planted by hopeful hands
We seek your benevolence to stand
You are the host

Blossoming into glorious beauties
We need your love to sustain bodies
You are the eternal lover

Your light filled glance, suffuses
Pale cheeks wilted, bereft in grief
You are the horn of plenty

Arching, straining to capture warming glow
Callous lover like you may or may not show
You are the hunter

Tied irrevocably to your apron strings we are thus bound
Our existence, your benevolence, does astound
You are all powerful

We our known by your name only, none other
Your progeny blazing gloriously, sunflowers
We are your personal coterie, golden bower


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