Golden Goose And The Noose

(A gutter snipe who improved his lot by being at the right place at the right time.)

Gawd how I hate that her!! Die you witch!!  God knows she makes me  earn every cent.  The things I have done for her.  May you rot in hell you snotty uppity  Eva.  It cannot be soon enough!  Wish I could dispatch you soon my evil golden goose!!
****   ****    ****

(A voluptuous green eyed red headed siren.  A decadent rich woman who frequented low life dives for thrills.)
Haha! Marco I know you are cursing me and wishing me to kingdom come!! Now you wait n watch you slime and you will finally get yours!! Just wait and watch.  You think you are sooo smart.  Well- you will soon find out.  You will not have to wait long!! Up yours!

****   ****     ****
(An Adonis in looks with a heart of gold.)
I Tobias Ryan forgive you Eva from the bottom of my heart.  Go in peace and may your tormented soul finally rest.  I became your gigolo of my own free will.  Having lost my teaching job and at the end of my tether with three mouths to feed, you were my lifeline.  That you made me sweat and earn every penny you showered over me is my cross that I bore for my family’s sake.  I have no rancor in my heart and thank you for saving us from despair and homelessness.   God please forgive Eva all her trespasses and give her soul succor.

****   ****   ****

The will of late Eva Davenport was being read in the flagship Hotel’s banquet hall.  It was full and there was a pin drop silence.  The family attorney began to read the will.  It also had a codicil attached to the original document.
I Eva Marie Davenport leave all my worldly goods and wealth lock stock and barrel to my employee Tobias Sean Ryan with the stipulation that he takes full care of my two Doberman Pincers Hekyll and Jekyll and all my domestic help in an appropriate manner as he deems fit with the exception of Marco Paulo Goretti whom I bequeath nothing but contempt!!
There was a pin drop silence.  The codicil contained a list of various charities that would be getting lump sums from the estate as well.  There was a separate confession document – a final nail in Marco’s coffin.
The confession was as follows:

Born of a rich philandering banker father and a wild gypsy mother, I inherited all their bad genes.  After being abandoned callously by my mother at my father’s doorstep I was raised by him, being his spitting image! Every full moon day, I became a crazed avenging angel and went hunting.  With black belt and ninja ways, I melted in the dark becoming invisible.  I enticed and lured pimps who never knew what hit them.  I silently crept away after my kills.  No one ever saw me.  All the unsolved murders of the city pimps were committed by me.

Once,  a couple of years ago after a kill as I was creeping away I was caught in glare of a car’s headlight.  It was being driven by Marco who saw me clearly.  My clothes were bloodstained.  Being a well known socialite my face was recognized.  He was shocked and silently opened his car door and drove me away.  Ever since that day, he has been blackmailing me and also aiding and abetting me in my nocturnal crimes.  He thinks he has my neck in a cleft stick and can squeeze me dry of my wealth.  Little does he know that I am the rotten mountain  from under the rock of which he has crawled. 

 This is my written confession duly signed along with attested documents showing the various monies transferred to Marco Paulo Goretti’s bank account for covering my crimes.  Evidence in all crimes lies with my attorney as further proof of his complicity.  He was and is an accessory to many murders. May he rot in hell.

Tobias Ryan came to me out of sheer desperation.  I first met him when he was working as a temporary waiter in one of my hotels.  He is very handsome and I took a fancy to him.  I made him my gigolo.  I treated him outrageously making him give me massages, paint my toenails, clean up after my dogs, perform unspeakable acts and run general errands. I was a royal pain in his ass but he bore it all with stoic bonhomie without losing his cool.  To break him, I became more and more cruel but he never lost it and remained serene.  Then I fell in love with him and had his background checked.  I found out that he was a well respected teacher who had lost his job due to recession and had a lovely wife and five year old twins, a boy and a girl.  In order to provide for his  family he had accepted my offer as a last resort.  My respect for Toby notched up further.  I then stopped needling and insulting him.  Just as I lost my orneriness, destiny kicked me in the gut.  I found out that I am dying due to a virulent form of blood cancer.  It has spread rapidly and I have merely days to live.  My only request of Toby is that his twins take on my family name as my last wish and desire.  But it is non binding.
Signed:  Eva Marie Davenport
***  ***  ****

Marco was arrested and is undergoing prosecution.  His bail has been denied.
Toby gave away lump sums to charities and placed the dogs in a reputed kennel and then sought out all the families of the slain men and gave them large sums of money as compensation.  They were thankful to him.
Now he could finally enjoy his inheritance guilt free. 

 He did not change the family name of his twins as he was very proud of his heritage.


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