gift of darkness – cogitation


Darkness can be both frightening and exciting. It depends upon which emotion we feed.
Once we are surrounded by complete, fully opaque darkness and stop flailing helplessly,
it begins to lighten. Such is its magic.

Once sense of sight is switched off, other senses come into play as sublimation sets in.
They become honed, keener, their antennae begin to pickup subtle sounds, other quiet
external stimuli that have always existed but eluded due to a gross existence that merely
scratches outer skin of life. We fail to plumb the infinite womb of darkness.

Life as we know it has an innate duality. Everything is twinned by its opposing side.
Day- night, up-down, joy-grief, rich-poor etc. etc… Even our human body is apparently
dual with body-soul twinned. Once we realize that there is but one single universal truth
and that is the “soul flame” lit inside our live frame – the very dual nature fuses into
one single reality as we unify with the universe- walls of separation fog dissipate and
self realization sets in.

Darkness becomes light and vice versa …



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