as i slowly ease my chills
inside thermal warmth of a much flogged
sweater .. as if by rote I involuntarily nuzzle it’s velvety
fur with my sleep warmed cheek

alert head continues romancing words
nuancing emotions in such a way that outcome
is more a broth than a heady brew

nothing is written in concrete.. read it somewhere
why Oh why must this heart breezily continue hoping
for happy days when lies stay lies, truths, truths
life is now a bewildering witches brew….
one wonders at god’s peculiar
sense of humor…
sanity having taken back seat
steering being in hands of a misfit…..

an old adage goes
in a country of sightless, one-eyed is king
I pray for return of days when irrefutable logic ruled
and everybody could fearlessly sing…

longing for uncomplicated days and
above all sight of my beloved mom
with a gentle serene face
full of grace

go and look for her in the mirror
dad lovingly smiles back

she occupies my heart
and will stay there
till I too depart


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