GeetaBai – Mystics, Godly, Shamans (1)


Mystics, Godly, Shamans
(from Life’s pages)

Geeta Bai

Silver haired, slim frame
Clad in crisp cotton sari
Edged by woven silver

A seer par excellence, predicted
Past, present’s fresh occurring and
Future with uncanny accuracies

Giddy high school seniors
A young friend and myself, knocked
On her door, armed with heavy referral

Godly, unworldly, elegantly simple
She invited us inside, waving graceful
Hands, all ten digits, diamonds encrusted

Sheepish, tad embarrassed, she apologized
About those not flaunted, visible baubles
Foisted by grateful who’s who of Bollywood ~

Unassuming tiny apartment crammed
With bric-a-brac, couch, bed, framed VIPs
And an alcove with deities, a caged parrot

Asking us to place a paltry rupee and quarter
Before her deity, she took us one by one outside
To have an eyeful of our faces in glowing sunlight

Then she was ready and predicted events
That made us whistle with disbelief, yet every
Single thing had, did happen, as she’d predicted

Happy, scared, mystified, we compared notes
Shook our heads trying to soothe, smoothen
Gooseflesh that’d gotten triggered due of it~

Geeta Bai holds special place in memory’s pages
A benign, gentle, grand old Maharashtrian doyen
Who remained true unto self, unspoiled in tinsel town

* Mumbai, Maharashtra State, India is home of Bollywood*
~Image is from internet (google)


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