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Nature’s visitation
Compelling agitation
Clearing in animation


Wrathful irate Maker
Swirling nature shaker
Chastening ear twister


Tsunami force winds
Despoiling acts rescind
Affirming whirlwinds


Deflating super sized ego
Complacencies bulldozed
Alerting those in repose


Mess not with environment
Respect nature in enjoyment
Shunning exploitation flagrant


Water air earth and trees
Nature’s gifts not to be despised
Hold ever in reverence yogi wise




 If you violate Nature’s laws you are your own
 prosecuting attorney, judge, jury, and hangman.
Luther Burbank American, Environmentalist


People in cities may forget the soil for as long as a hundred years, but Mother Nature’s memory is long and she will not let them forget indefinitely.
Henry Cantwell Wallace
Author Nationalities, Politician


I think we are in the midst of this period where we are committing this suicide on the planet and everybody is just using up all of our natural resources like a bunch of insane people. That’s what I worry about more than I worry about jazz.
Sonny Rollins American, Musician


We cannot but feel uneasy about the losses caused by humanity themselves. Apart from the losses of life and property in destructive wars, the environment and natural resources are also being destroyed by human hands.
Nong Duc Manh Vietnamese, Politician


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