FUN Observations – Sat. March 10, 2012

Pelted out of house

Already late, stooping

Down stair(ed) stoop


Almost collided with runners

Tightly clad duo bearing

In hands an egg carton


Words escaped from my mouth

Are you speeding toward Poultry ER

With eggs a-crack, chickens heading out


Next saw this gentle giant

Leisurely coming down the slope

Walking two minuscule toy dogs


A cozily clad dad with a pram

Kiddie backpack on his back

Pushing his baby and singing as well


A couple of streets blocked off

for Hollywood film shoot, every

Other day nuisance for regular commute


Delicious decaf coffee providing requisite boost

Revving up creaky joints as I ready myself

Quit salivating over hot waffles, self reboot



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