Fuming In the Doghouse!

Fuming In the Doghouse!

I considered myself the smartest man in the world.  I had it all! I was eating my cake and having it too! How many men can boast this claim?  My drop dead good looks, flat abs and fair skin had women swooning over me like butterflies over a flower. 

Youngest of four brothers, born with a silver spoon in mouth, a silver tongue, I had the best of everything.  Dad was in IFS and also came from generations of rich landowners of Punjab.  We had mansions in the Capital city Delhi and in the green belt.  Living overseas and mainly in Europe got me a well rounded education and I became fluent in most European languages.  This skill I put to good use in our export business of basmati rice mainly and other spices.  I enjoyed a good time and had a penchant for beautiful women.  Resultantly, I soon acquired a German wife, a Parisian wife and a British wife as well.  My mother had promised my alliance to a family friend n thus I ended up with an Indian wife also. 


I was in seventh heaven.  I juggled between these wives quite well and had full creature comforts in all my four homes.  The offshoot of these ties was I ended up with a couple of kids from each wife! I became a father of eight kids!  Yet not one wife knew about the existence of the other,all were happily settled in domestic bliss.  They never suspected my quadruple life!
How did I land in doghouse you may ask?  It was a freaky Friday at that!


Well, it happened thus:  My travel agent in Delhi had booked us in a five star hotel as my German wife had insisted on accompanying me to India. She wanted to see my wonderful country.  After denying for many years I couldn’t say no and reluctantly agreed.  In the meantime, my British and Parisian wives of their own will, decided to visit India  as it was school holiday time and the kids were eager to explore and know their dad’s country.  Respecting my strict instructions to never contact me during my official business trips, they did not inform me about their arrival. 
After hurriedly meeting my Punjabi family, I quietly returned to the hotel without my German frau n kids being any the wiser.  Next morning we were slated to visit the Qutb Minar and Mehrauli area in Delhi.  We started early with a guide nd as we stood admiring the Ashoka pillar  suddenly I heard some kids running towards me with cries of joy.  They were my British and French kids!! Oh my God- I wished the earth would open up n swallow me! Now the fat was really in the fire.  I had six kids calling me dad and the women were screaming and almost in blows over me.  Hastily I calmed them and told them that I would explain it all.  I decided to make a clean breast of it and invited the whole gang to my Delhi mansion so that they could meet my Punjabi family.
I have to stop here as THERE WAS TOTAL PANDEMONIUM with my Punjabi wife wailing and the Europeans fighting like fish mongers.  It was a mess.  My quadruple life was in shambles.  I slunk out quietly and recuperated at a local bar with a couple of my childhood cronies.  I was in the doghouse for sure.

My mind had stopped working for once!
PS: this is based upon a real Punjabi sikh(Indian) who juggled his European wives successfully- do not know how his story ended in real life (approx. met him in Bombay circa 1968-69)

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