Some thoughts after watching movie Frida based on Frida Kahlo as brilliantly portrayed by Salma Hayek with Alfred Molina as Diego Riviera


Why does fate always carry such a mixed quiver, releasing karmic arrows indiscriminately, leaving  in its wake an unwary “doe caught in headlight”  hurt, clueless, aquiver


if it’s thrown gauntlets tossed  at robust of heart to test their spirit  if you will, then in Frida fate had found a worthy opponent


early on, stricken with polio  German Jew dad, devout catholic ma  one of four sisters she’d met with a horrendous accident that’d left her marinating in pain, lifelong


did this stomp her soul or stop her strides?  not at all, weeping in pain, biting lips bloodyshe let her lusty appetite for life rule her roost  veritably squeezing life’s cojones with all her might


she painted with whatever life had served measure for measure with dashes and daubsof bright earthy shades –acidic and tender, spitting emotions on canvases with flair


her canvases challenge get under skin, make one squirm and that is what great art does, question the why, how of your partaken intake




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