Freeze Framed Images

Like a butterfly fluttering

In throes of orgasmic ecstasy

Hovering joyously over her blossom



Like a moth dancing in gay abandon

A coquette fearlessly immolating self 

Passion enflamed by her lit lover in flambé



Like a gaunt faced earth fissured in thirst

Youthfully filling out post rejuvenating rain shower

Wafting fragrance in air after satiation in love



Like a seeker’s eternal quest to find meaning of life

Conquering hurdles with an insouciant meander

Ultimately immersing self in ocean of knowledge



Like a sunflower wilting under sunless skies

Perking up after being caressed by its golden lover

Blooming gloriously like a young damsel coming of age



Like a sad sobbing baby with a hurtful bump

After mother’s soothing ministration and kiss

Smiling happily as a sun breaking through the clouds 



Like a bereft sighing abandoned flute

Waiting to be caressed by the Master’s lips

Making divine music after connecting with beloved





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