Free At Last

Fearlessly I run amok in the whole mansion
Chatter of my tiny feet gets new owners’ attention
Many peaked ears hug walls and water pipes
Trying to nail the source of my sound bytes

Our duel of wits had lasted a long time
Until they accepted defeat giving me respite
No longer wary, I breathed happily, to enjoy
Free run of kitchen, bite here there to annoy

Hating my guts, a professional they’d employed
To capture me, heal their bleeding hemorrhoids
But I come from a stock both spunky and wily, in me
Catcher met his match, unusual protagonist, slippery

Grandma said at time of my birth stars had conspired
Hence I was always in trouble, all reform plans misfired
The professional set many a mousetrap for my capture
My uncanny skill kept me one jump ahead in utter rapture

Our cat and mouse play went on for many months
Until, end of his tether Professional gave up on seventh
To celebrate victory we had a gala party on the eighth
Ceasefire gave us all time to catch our breaths

Then alas, one day the building next door collapsed
Taking down a wall of our mansion that was attached
Life ebbed out of all of us as we scurried here and there
Disgusted, our master sold house dirt cheap in despair  
I should be the last person to say anything against temptation,
 naturally, but we have a proverb down here ‘in baiting a
 mouse-trap with cheese, always leave room for the mouse’.
– Hector Hugh Munro

Mouse is Not A Thief, It is the hole that Allows Mouse In!

-Herman Jacobs

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