given to reveries
constantly indulge
in tedium’s back breaking
while soothing chants filter
flooding innards two squirrels
are locking horns outside
branches shake and shiver
shedding leaves still tender
in colors myriad green
there is much to preen over
some bits in teeth for venting spleen
but inbuilt lethargy simply lets it be
upstairs young couple
continue to rattle our ceiling
chasing their two cats any all hours
even this ruckus bothers us not
hubby stays deaf mute to world plugged
into own audio video world, selectively
mind’s clutter I continue to declutter
emptying its filled pockets for new
notes to filter in, lie snugly inside
being glutton for punishment
continue blurting mind’s matter
stray bull fragile china shopping
symbolically wearing death
wish chapeau, sufi mind twirls
continuously in ecstasy


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