Foodie’s Blues- Moody Hues

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Foodie’s Blues- Moody Hues

Zero to late teens milk n pudding was all it had been

College unfurled my food canvas with change of scene


 Strict vegetarian home regimen got a startling jolt

Camaraderie with bevy of friends affected a revolt


 Had food adventures in others besides vegetarian fare

Crinkled nose, lifted in air at few, ate rest as daily affair


Enjoyed Chinese, Italian most besides Parsi amongst others

Yet hankered for home cooked as none could beat mother’s


Makki ki roti sarson saag, rabdi, paneer tikka were gourmet’s delight

Soon I was America bound embarked on new salivary sorties and bites


 Three decades ago was new to meat and potatoes n so had veggie woes

Travel on salad n potatoes palled and began to nibble on whatever goes


Ate every kind of food, exotic dishes, fish and fowl and assorted relish

Paella, seafood gumbo, Japanese hibachi cooked shrimp steak blandish


 Cocktails, wine, beer, sake but enjoyed margarita n Singapore sling best

Even had liquid lunches a couple of times and passed bosses’ quaint test


 Then one day while vacationing in Florida dined at a seafood restaurant

After turtle soup in seafood platter got chicken legs that seemed to taunt


 Maitre’d informed those were not chicken legs but chicken of the sea,

Thus in horror I beheld frog legs in my seafood platter for me to eat


 I pushed away plate then and drew the line reverting to vegetarian fare

Happily eating French toast marmalade cheese veggies, cakes n éclair


Breakfast of eggs and bacon, sausage links, pancakes, grits and potatoes

Stand no chance against missi roti dahi parantha topped with mom’s love


Now I live on simple vegetarian food except eggs upon doctor’s advice

Having finally realized for myself that east or west, home is always best


Still enjoy milk and have a cup of turmeric milk before retiring

Fondly recalling mom’s words that truly I was a cat reincarnated


 Thus began my journey with milk and thus I end

Overall have been lucky in sum total in nourishment


Battle of bulge forbids from favorite foods indulge

These are my Foodie Blues, moody hued divulge


makki roti-     corn wrap

    Sarson saag-   mustard greens pureed

    Rabidi-           milk sweetened and thickened to become like creamy layers

    Paneer tikka-  fresh cheese cubed seasoned with herbs

    Missi roti-       unleavened flat bread made with dough mixed with flour,

                           Onions, green chillies, cooked lentils

    Parantha:         stuffed flat bread (can be potatoes, fresh cheese, lentils etc.)

    Dahi:               fresh yogurt




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