Foggy Musings

Foggy Times

The dog is in New Delhi and the photo is by Manish Swarup/AP.

Faithfully I wait where I was told by my loving master
He has gone to meet his love, I hope it leads to the altar
The sun has slunk out of sight and I am tired and hungry
Please return quickly!  Let’s go home before parents get angry


 Here’s a swan trying to land on a frozen lake in Castleford, England on 6 Jan 09. 
  Photo is by John Giles/AP

Et tu Brutus!!  How dare you congeal upon me
For Christ sakes! You are my livelihood, my destiny
Go on melt your frozen heart I implore of you
Or else I’ll flutter and freeze and die on you


 The horsecart is in Amroha and the photo is by Adnan Abidi/Reuters.


Weary and chilled to the bone, playing destiny’s saxophone
Encompassing gray shroud, our blanket to see us safely home
Old faithful my four-legged friend is much more than an equine
Kindred spirits are we, moving in tandem sans reason or rhyme




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