flying the coop – Wednesday Face ..poems on pain contd..

Standing tiptoe
Morning evening
I enjoyed my view
Across my window cooped birds
Set free exuberantly cut patterns
Revealing skies anew
covey of swaying wings
Delightfully roll unfurl skies
Bottled moth that I am
Taste freedom’s ice cube
thus second hand in mouth daily
So near so far
That is how life is
Cruelly tantalizing
Finally at midday,
I too shall spread my wings
break free

Wednesday face
Packed and ready
I follow ascending sun
That plays hide n seek
Quiescent days are over
Need no more be meek
Teeth of my will power
Brushed and polished
Grin new beginnings
Old endings ….
Pain however I carry
Forward with me
Its more like my shadow
More waxing
Less waning


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