So joyously did it flip
Undulate in its mini world
play catch with other fish
Yet it had that “Je ne sais quoi”
That we all fell in love with it

It swam with better verve
Gills undulating roguishly
Other two couldn’t shine
Like it, they simply swam
Just for the heck of it

We fought to feed flipper
Taking turns in the office
Started buying ornaments
To place strategically
In its pretty fish tank

Our serious businesslike
Office became lighthearted
People looked forward
To coming to work and
Talking to flipper

Then one day we found flipper
Floating belly up – spirits crushed
Everyone wept surreptitiously
Heart laden, feet leaded
We carried on our duties

a simple bit of life
Iridescent playful
Had captured our
Hearts and fancies
Like none other

And we got a taste
Of real heartbreak
So simply nuanced
That it shook us

Once in a while
We still recall a fish
named Flipper and what
It had come to mean
to each of us~
~ image is from internet


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