Five by Fours +


Bum rapped knuckles
Swollen from abuse
Refuse to heal, having
Long memories ~

Wish Bones

Longing to get on with life
I’ve discontinued splitting
Wish bones, coming as they are
From chickens with fled magic ~

Coin Drop

Magic of extra nice person bears
Dangerous noodle spine, expecting
Extraction of life dealt prickly spines
From his sleight of hands is waste of time~


Sun comes with shadows
I can hop scotch to light spotted, yet dark
Spaces can afford cool respite for licking
Bull’s-eye hits, coming to terms~


Effervescent “sans souci” spirit always
Finds “aha” nuggets with irrepressible
Joie de vivre and taking self from boot
Straps somersaults robustly to surface

Affirming karma can never be effaced ~


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