Five 55 Word Micro Fiction

Robbie’s mom was seriously ill.  Quickly he filled water in the blue vase.
Gingerly he removed flowers from his pocket. He had gathered them in the jungle due to lack of money.
His mom loved blue color as it reminded her of the sky.  Her body turned blue even as their fragrance permeated the room  
The sleeping toddler was placed in the shelter crib.
His mother was searching for him in the rubble where his father had been crushed.
She fainted out of exhaustion.  When she came to, she found herself at the shelter.
Then she heard gurgling sounds nearby.  It was her son.  Relieved, she smiled and fell asleep.
Sheila had run out of options.  Her son’s school fees were due.  Cornered, she placed that dreaded phone call.
A gruff voice picked up the phone.  Timidly, she said “daddy I need your help” eating humble pie.  Then she
squared her shoulders for the expected tirade.  She had married her lover against her parents’ wish.
Daisy had a litter.  Little Robin loved playing with them.  He was horrified when he was told they would be given away.
Quietly, he picked up one pup and crept out.  Everyone went berserk and then heaved a sigh of relief after the phone call.
 Somehow Robin had reached granny’s house safely.  The pup stayed.
Limping horribly the septuagenarian got in line.  Graciously the person at head of line changed places with her.
She conducted her bank business with practiced ease.  Next, straightening her back and limping leg and now carrying
the walking stick on her arm, the oldie Goldie jauntily breezed out much to the stupefaction of her onlookers!


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