Five 55 Word Emotional Micro Fiction Tales

Five Emotional Fifty Five word Micro Fiction

Selfless Love

Simi loved Amit. He loved Rita whom he married. Devastated, Simi married another. Soon she became a widow but never remarried.

Even after five years Amit was childless. Simi presented a proposal. After ten months surrogate Simi birthed Amit’s twins. As a gift of her selfless love, she gave one boy to Rita.

Malevolently Neil aimed darts at that face that had reduced him to penury.

He planned meticulously. He placed fresh meat on his jogging route and waited. Neil’s target upon reaching that spot fell headlong on the meat. Neil let loose his starving Doberman pincer. Stealthily he folded the taut transparent wire spanning the road.


Maya admired herself. She looked suitably contrite. Today her gorgeous classmate’s face had been ruined by a cream recommended by her. Maya was aware that Sheila was allergic to one additive in it. Sheila had asked Maya to read ingredients but Maya had said she’d forgotten her prescription glasses. “Mirror, mirror on the wall”!


Her husband was busy watching football game. Quietly, on tiptoe she made her way to the kitchen. Her heart was beating fast. She drank some water. Her pulse stabilized. She approached the frig salivating with anticipation and reached for the pie.

Her medical report dislodged by frig magnet, lay neglected on the kitchen floor.


Con Artist

Rob was Adonis in looks and lamb by nature. One person who could twist him around her finger was headstrong Maria, his childhood sweetheart who was supremely confident of herself.

They were on their honeymoon. Maria was asleep when he crept out and entered the suite next door. Still waters do run deep.

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