Fistful Of Light


Fistful of Light

Holding light in fists
gingerly tiptoed in
darkened corners
Boldly confronting
Bogeys in mind

Releasing light
palms unfurling as
leaves somnolen
Awakening after drink
Of dew in morning light

Dusting mopping
fear cobwebs unreal
Few hand me downs by
grownups, legless
prosthetics, childish

divesting self, awareness
Heightened with light of
earned experience, knowhow
load sheding ignorance
suffusing self with light

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3 Comments for: “Fistful Of Light”

  1. First time here Bina. This is neat!

    Submitted by Julia Dutta on June 1st, 2010 12:21 am
  2. Julia: delighted to have you here:)

    Submitted by Bina Gupta on June 19th, 2010 7:09 am
  3. Mourning Morning Light

    Waking up with eyes wide open I still can’t see,
    Can’t seem to grab the morning light from darkness,
    Exhausted trial and errors brought me to my knees,
    Shallow waters drowning in empty pools of necessity,
    Desperate words spoken in numbers do not add up,
    There is no other answer to a question of destiny,
    Etched words carved in stone do not wear in the rain,
    Erosion is fading the landscape of Heaven on Earth,
    Slaves run back to their Master’s dinner table,
    Fear of faith in themselves starves their hope,
    Can’t fish without lines that fall from their mouth,
    A feeding frenzy that bloats empty heads of lazy,
    Labels and behaviour, kisses that do not touch lips,
    Clothes and bangles that leave their nakedness expose,
    Weak minded souls hiding in their crying corners,
    Tears of self-importance swallowed up in insecurity,
    Daisies plucked one petal at a time that ran out,
    Pollinated wombs of survival giving birth to a cycle,
    Never ending fires of Hell go round the jump hoop,
    Sorrow of mothers, tears of rage in hopeless nights,
    There is no space left under my arms of feathers,
    Waking up on wet pillows of clouds that pour out,
    Dripping the blood of ‘morning-lite’ in dark red,
    Drinking last hopes, fading into the fate of choices,
    Bait has no place on my hook, no place in my Sea.

    Carl Stoynoff

    Submitted by Carl Stoynoff on October 3rd, 2010 1:18 pm

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