Fillers – Catharsis

Staring at blank pages
I search for filler sentences
With mind’s pen holders

Past few days have been sentences
With stranglehold of paranoid’s throttle
And my thrashing about for bouts of air

Ewe tossed to wolves by odd couple
At odds, can bleat just so much
And then scramble for survival

Purchasing purchases with will’s dint has
Bloodied fingers blue, ruined nails, manicures
Can fix maybe, how to fix mind’s maul ?

Treading thin waters with big promises
Of Promised Land in both hands, gullibility
Knows no limits, insanely keeps gliding

Pen holders can give up what’s in their bellies
Magicians conjure coins from thin air, I must pull
Out jack rabbits from toppers of this beat up life

Julienne (ing) spaghetti (ng) events in now
Moments of daily life is Herculean, I do avow, yet
I’ve mastered it now and chomp on bitters happily

Can finally put my money where my mouth is, no one,
Nothing, can rob my serenity, circumstances be damned
I clutch to breast self bestowed gift of happiness, firmly

**image of painting is from google images only


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